• The Feed in Tariff is essentially a collection of solar power grants, paid every year, introduced originally in April 2010. You get paid for every unit of electricity you generate!

  • You also get paid extra if you don't use this electricity - it is sold back into the National Grid automatically, and you'll earn even more from the panels.

  • A domestic sized system could earn over £900 according to the Energy Saving Trust's calculator - we can provide a free quotes for your property!

Solar panels have taken the UK by Storm!

The number of domestic installations has rocketed since April. For those of us lucky enough to work in the industry, this has lead to the unique opportunity to witness the transition of solar power. It is now 10 times as popular as it was 3 years ago.

There have been many changes in this time. The government schemes have changed a lot. There have been about 3 major FIT changes since then! Lots of people find how it works confusing. This is where we want to step in. We aim to make the process simple, quick and easy!

Why are they so popular now?

They key to this is the Feed in Tariff (FIT).

Panels which are used for electricity can earn you £700 per year, or more. The systems will pay themselves off in 7-9 years. After this, you will make a big profit until the panels have been installed for 20 years. It's a very safe investment - it's guaranteed by the government.

Getting them put on your roof is also easy. It takes just one or two days. Indeed, sometimes it may take just four hours. There is very little maintenance needed. They are known for being reliable. After all - space ships use solar panels for this reason; they last and last. 90% of systems will still work well after 30 years. Even if the FIT pays you for 20 years, you will continue to get huge savings on your bills. If you sell your house, the value may rise because the next people to move in will get all the benefits of the system.

Do you have more information?

Yes! We know that it can seem complicated, so that's where we aim to help you. If you fill in your postcode into the form at the top of this page, we will find out which grants and installers are available in your area. We can then arrange to have a quick chat with you about how they work, how much solar panels cost, how the FIT works and how to find installers to get a quote or two. That's it - it's simple, and if you get a quote from our installers, you will often save money. This is because they know you are comparing several firms and so they will have to give good prices to win your business. We are not an installer ourselves - we are an independent comparison company, so our advice can be unbiased!